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This is my pitch on a children's book about difficult jobs in the animal kingdom.
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My illustration profolio

Here is a magazine with my illustration profolio. have a look, courtesy of

Alice B. Toklas

This is my posters for the limited edition illustration collection in celebration of the 60 years anniversary of Alice B. Toklas cookbook. It was a colab with 9 other illustrators from norway.  You can buy the book and the 20 prints at Tronsmo norway.

Kids Posters.

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World expo in Astana, Kazakhstan 2017

The slogan of this expo is: Future energy The World Expo in Astana, Kazahstan 2017 wanted a pitch for their new profile, and I was honoured to be invited. It was interesting to dig into a land that I knew virtually nothing about. It was really exiting to learn about their rich history and beautiful landscape!